You Recently Spent a Weekend with Your Friend in Her/His New House

You recently spent a weekend with your friend in their new house. Write a letter to your friend.
In your letter, you should:

  • Explain what you like about his new house
  • Tell him/her what you enjoyed most during your staying
  • Suggest when and where you could meet next time with him/her.

Hi Chinna,

Hey Buddy! How are you? I hope you are doing Fantastic. I am happy about your new home. Thank you very much for inviting me to the housewarming. This weekend is Excellent for my family. Thanks for your hospitality, and we had a great, time especially I had a pleasant weekend at your home. I am writing this letter to share my happiness.

First of all, Congratulations! On owning your own house, it is very tough to have a new house in the slap-bang of the city. The most attractive thing in your house is the entrance surrounded by a garden and greenish lawn, and two large trees. In the evening, we had a Coffee there that remains revolving in my mind. This tells how you are fascinated by nature. House main entrance door is marvellous; the flowers on the door are like icing on the cake. Hall is extensive, and I like the furniture, and it shows your taste and lavishness you spent on them, and in the bedroom, you had Monalisa painting, which is fantastic. The drawing room is nice, and the colours you used are excellent, particularly the purple one on the ceiling. The kitchen is good and designed with Italian marbles and has a lot of amenities. The flooring with black marbles are excellent, and the paintings are super cool. I can say this is the best house I have ever seen till now mark my words I will take some inputs from you.

Next weekend I am planning a College mate’s get-together. We shall meet at your house. We Shall have tasteful coffee on your lawn. I am sure everyone will enjoy your house. Please accept this offer and hope you do and reply to me positively.

You are loving,

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