You Took an Elderly Member of Your Family, Who Was Not Able to Walk Properly

You took an elderly member of your family, who was not able to walk properly, to a museum and he/she faced a few problems. Write a letter to the manager of the museum. In your letter,

  • say why you visited the museum
  • describe the problems you faced
  • suggest what can be done to avoid those problems

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing this letter to complain about the inconvenience faced by my grandfather last week when he accompanied me paid a visit to The National Archeological Museum in Brookfield.

A few weeks back we came to Paris to attend my cousin’s wedding. As my grandfather has a keen interest in the medieval history of France, my grandfather was insisted on me to take the museum. When we visited the museum, there was a long queue to get the tickets, and there was no separate line for the senior citizens. Apart from it, there was an insufficient sitting arrangement for the visitors in the reception area. Even when I requested the wheelchair, I was told to buy the ticket first to get a wheelchair for my grandfather.

I would like to put forward some suggestions to resolve the problems like there should be separate counter for the old aged people to buy the tickets. More chairs should be installed in the reception area so that people can sit and relax. Moreover, wheelchairs should be made available at the entrance of the building.

I trust these suggestions will be useful.

Yours faithfully,


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