In Many Countries Around the World, Life Expectancy Is Increasing

In many countries around the world, life expectancy is increasing. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this situation and give your own opinion.

In several nations, the world over the lifespan of people has been escalating. It has pros and cons. However, in my perspective, it will have more demerits and merits as youngsters will confront redundancy, and the financial burden of the government of any nation will surge. 

First off, an ageing population will give an opportunity to researchers to explore human brains more. Any breakthrough and bring appreciation to a nation. For instance, currently, many people who are getting old are suffering from many ailments that are not subjected to psychological problems but psychological as well. Getting information beforehand, scholars can give the answer to many questions which are asked to them by masses. Thus modifications can be brought to make the life of people convenient. Moreover, people who do hard labour to earn money can enjoy their later period of life cheerfully with their loved ones. Many times, it has been seen that people earn and die without enjoying this beautiful life. Therefore, it is lucrative for them. 

On the other hand, longevity also brings problems for the youngsters. Firstly, oldsters will retain their position, and talented persons will be deprived of getting a job. Thus, it will create disharmony in society. To exemplify it, now and then, when qualified people do not get the job, and they start committing a crime such as a robbery, theft or kidnapping. They do it to meet their sedimentary requirements. Resultantly, society does not remain a better place to live in. There will be anarchy everywhere. Furthermore, it will enhance the government’s budget. The government will have to curtail the budget from other sectors such as education, entertainment to give pension to the grey pollution as well as for their medical treatment. 

To conclude, in consideration of the above-mentioned analysis, it is ostensible that mushrooming mortality rate will make people happier to spend maximum time with their loved ones; but, at the same time, unemployment, crime and dissatisfaction for their government will arise. I considered longevity would bring only problems and imbalance the nature, which can be reaped after by human beings. 

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