You Were Studying in an English Speaking Country and Suddenly Needed

You were studying in an English speaking country and suddenly needed to co back to your home country, leaving your course incomplete. Write a letter to your teacher to

  • thank him
  • explain the reason you left without completing your course
  •  say during your course study what did you like most about this course.

Dear sir,

This is Vikas, writing this letter to inform you that I shall not continue my course since I am going back to my country due to my mother’s incurable medical problem.

I was enrolled in a course named Masters in commerce. Firstly, I would like to thank you and appreciate all efforts that you had been providing throughout the course regarding my personal and career growth. I can still recognise the day when you oriented me with the unfamiliar atmosphere of the university and make me feel more comfortable.

Actually, the main reason why I am leaving studies in between is my mother‘s health. She is a cancer patient and is now at the last stage. Due to which she is not only physically down but also unable to go washroom by own. Moreover, my father is a government official. As such, no one left except me to look after her.

I learned a number of things during this course, such as valuable accounting and better communication skills that are of utmost vital for my career growth.

Hope to continue this course in near future with you.

Yours Faithfully,

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