Describe a Decision Made by Someone in Your Family That You Disagreed

Describe a Decision Made by Someone in Your Family That You Disagreed

  • who made this decision
  • what it was
  • how you expressed your disagreement
  • and explain why you disagreed with this decision.

Sample Answer of Describe a Decision Made by Someone in Your Family That You Disagreed

Thank you for giving me such an interesting topic. As there is so strong bonding in my family, everything is done after the agreement of each and every family member of our family. But there are seldom some situations when is becomes impossible to pursue everyone because of having a complicated reason. That was the time when I wanted to do BCA instead of doing Bachelor arts. I completed my secondary education with good marks. We had a joint family in that days.

Everyone was so happy to see this. But at night, while taking dinner, my father decided to send me in our city’s college for Bachelor arts education. He made this decision without discussing with me. I felt stuck after hearing this.I tried to show my willing about study in front them that I want to do BCA instead of Bachelor arts. After hearing this, my father refused my decision and said you are not doing study for getting a fix salary job but doing it to gain knowledge so that you can become able to run my business successfully.

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My elder brother was already handling that business so I didn’t want to do that. I told to my father that I have my own dreams for which I want to give my all efforts to accomplish it. After hearing it, my father became angry with me because I refused his decision in front of every family member. Every decision in our family is made by my father in our family as he is elder than his all brothers. The atmosphere became silent at dinner time.

I seemed that I made a big mistake by sharing my dream with them. Everyone saw at me like I have done any crime.I felt so sad and started crying in my room because I could clearly see my dream started extincting and I was helpless to save them. That night was so worse for me because even I didn’t help myself. At the next morning, I slept while my father came at my room with my mother. He felt me sorry about that night. I wondered what I was seeing. He told me that I didn’t take a decision for future without making any discussion with you about it.

I also felt sorry to him because I refused his decision in front of whom who can’t share even their decision in front of my father because he is the leader of our family. My father smiled and kissed on my forehead. I hugged him. I was so happy to hear this. That morning, I felt myself so luckiest person of this world.

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