Describe a Foreign Product You Would Like to Buy

Describe a foreign product you would like to buy; You should say:

  • what product it is
  • when you want to buy it
  • whether it has any special feature
  • and explain why you want to buy it.

Sample Answer of Describe a Foreign Product You Would Like to Buy

Dealing with sometimes foreign products sometimes is a kind of fabulous feeling. Many products are exported from my country, and many are imported. Here I am going to describe a foreign product which I will purchase from Japan. It is a Japanese car, and I will buy it from a Japanese automobile company as I heard from one of my friends that the company is really producing the most popular and equitable products. As I don’t have a car and I am a workaholic person, so it is sophisticated for me to come at night time through buses. 

The overhead budget I have collected to save my pocket money and some amount I have taken from my parents to buy this, and now I guess I am ready to become an owner of this car. Apart from this, I have also searched on the internet about the availability of cars, but in India, it is too expensive, and then abruptly, I heard from my friend about the Nissan car, which was invented by a Japanese company at a very affordable price and then I started to think and talked about this with my family. Moreover, it was my dream to become the owner of this car. 

The fascinating feature about this car is the auto navigation by the map, which can easily help you to come across the world without any difficulty. Another thing which fascinated me a lot is that it has many seats and it is a more comfortable one. I wanted to buy a new model, and this offer matches my requirements. That’s why I wanted to purchase it from a foreign country, and I liked it the most.

Follow-ups of Describe a Foreign Product You Would Like to Buy

Question 1. Did you tell anyone after buying it?

Answer:- Yes, I will tell my family as well as my close friends and relatives about this car. Fortunately, it was my dream, and now it’s come true, and I became the owner of this car. I can travel anywhere of my own choice.

Question 2. What are your thoughts about the trend that people buy new things instead of repairing old ones?

Answer:- The trend to buy new things instead of repairing old ones has changed in this contemporary era. Because the price of repairing things seems to be much higher and retailers don’t want any guarantee and always said this is the temporary solution while those who prefer to purchase new things, retailers give a full guarantee and also have a warranty period.

Question 3. What is the product which is consumed most in your country? Why?

Answer:- Well, India is a diverse country, and it is difficult to name one product, which is used the most. Many things are used a lot. Almost everyone seems to have a cell phone nowadays. So, maybe you can say that a cell phone is used the most.

Question 4. Is increasing consumerism a good trend?

Answer:- No, definitely not. It does add to the economy, but it is causing huge damage to the environment. If I take an instance of my grandfather, he consumed much alcohol and one day, and he died due to this. This has not been harassed mentally and physically and also exploits the strong bonds with family members. 

Question 5. Why do people use imported products?

Answer:- Because imported products have guarantees and have better quality instead of others, apart from this, utilization of that product is more. It totally depends upon the rate and reviews and has more productivity and value.

Question 6. Do different places have their own popular products?

Answer:- Yes, different places have their own famous products as India is a diverse country. In my hometown, phulkari is the most popular, which means flower craft.

Question 7. What food is popular throughout the world?

Answer:- Vegetarian food is more popular throughout the world. It makes people healthy and active. Moreover, it also provides proteins, nutrition, carbohydrates and produces good lipids in the body to make them active and not lethargic.

Question 8. Why do people living in different regions like different food?

Answer:- They follow their culture and tradition because it varies from region to region. 

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