Describe a Person Who Often Travels by Plane

Describe a person who often travels by plane

You should say:

  • Who this person is
  • Where they go
  • Why did he/she travel by plane
  • And explain how he or she feels about it.

Sample Answer of Describe, a Person Who Often Travels by Plane

Well, there is numerous person for whom travelling by air is just a dream, and they long for it. However, at the same time, some frequently travel by air. I would take this opportunity to talk about my paternal uncle, who lives in Delhi and works as a businessman. I believe that he is a person who travels by their frequently the fact is that he is a businessman of import and export and he has offices in many regions such as China Sri Lanka Batman and many more. So to attend the business meeting he has to travel to those Nations and out Alaihi regularly can easily enough for travel by air. So not only this but also he saves his time along with journey enjoyment is like killing two birds with one stone in addition to these. My uncle has two sons. One is well settled in America and the other in Australia.

Today of organised family functions and other things last but not least, uncle is a travel bug. This is very rich. So he can easily afford holidays. For vacation, his favourite destinations in European countries such as well done, Switzerland and Germany and so many others are in my summer holidays. I visit my uncle in Delhi and during this time. He shared his travel experience with me. His house is full of server nodes that he has purchased while travelling to different parts of the world. I really cannot deny that his talk is informative and exciting and I felt like I got to know about the culture of different parts of the world he visits and that was a person who travelled a lot by a plan in my relation.

Follow-ups Describe a Person Who Often Travels by Plane.

Question 1 What are the benefits and drawbacks of travelling by plane?

Answer – Well, in this modern era, there are various means of transportation; however, the advantages of aeroplanes are more such as it is a convenient way of travelling with more benefits like food and entertainment. Moreover, it is the fastest mode of transportation. However, along with its uses, it is more expensive, so everyone cannot afford it.

Question 2 Is it great to live nearby an airport?

Answer – No, this area is full of noise and pollution. Along with it, there is more traffic because of more means of transportation. Therefore it is not a good idea to live nearby the airport.

Question 3 What types of transportation do people choose when they go on a long trip?

Answer – Well, in my opinion, the masses choose transportation according to their budget and distance. Also, if they travel in the same country, they prefer train which is also the fastest mode. Further, if they travel to another nation, they cover their distance by plane.

Question 4 Do Indian people love to travel by plane?

Answer – Yeah, afcoz, because it is the fastest mode and masses quickly cover their distance by this. Also, they love to travel by this when they spend their holidays on faraway destinations.

Question 5 Would you prefer to travel in your car in the future?

Answer – Definitely, because there are various reasons such as it is easier to cover the distance without any stop. Also, I would save time. Moreover, I would be travel with my family member.

Question 6 What sorts of people travel by aeroplane in India?

Answer – Well, there are numerous benefits of travelling by plane, such as different cushions and entertainment not provided in other transportation.

Question 7 Are you pleased with the service on the plane in India?

Answer – Yes, because cloud nine is an excellent development as individuals can travel in various places by this. Also, it is a convenient way with good services.

Question 8 Why do some people dislike aviation?

Answer – Many people dislike aviation due to the fear Of heights and flying. They might feel travelling sickness. Some people Might Have a bad flying experience, making them dislike aviation. Also, Some people Dislike it because of health-related issues.

Question 9 How is working at an airport different from working somewhere else?

Answer – Well, I reckon that working at the airport many facilities are available like as best guidance to masses and salary would be higher along with more safety. However, in other places, rules are different.

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