Describe a Volunteering Experience You Have Had

Describe a volunteering experience you have had.

You should say:
What it was?
Where it was?
Why did you volunteer?
How did you feel about it?

Sample Answer of Describe a volunteering experience you have had.

Well, I have not many volunteering experiences in my life. But in recent months, I got an opportunity to become a volunteer experience. Here I would like to discuss my volunteer experience. In March 2020, the corona pandemic affects the whole world. Many countries import the lockdown to the whole nation. As a result, many poor people have to suffer from hunger.    IELTSData Twitter
My society people decided to help the poor people by distributing free food. Firstly, the Society chairman will find the volunteer man who wants to help the poor people. Some people have work to collect funds and some people have work to make food and distribute. I am also free at home. So I decided to help them. I get work to distribute the food to different locations.
Each day, many people make food and then packed…after we disturbed the food to poor people. I feel very happy after giving the food to needed once. They give me a lot of blessings. So during the distribution of food, I decide to always help the poor people as much as I can.

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