Describe a Plan (Not Related to Work or Study) You Have for the Future

Describe a plan (not related to work or study) you have for the future. You should say:

  • what plan is it?
  • What would you need to do to achieve it?
  • How long have you had this plan?
  • And explain how difficult it would be to fulfill it?

Well, this is quite easy for me. I am an art of living volunteer where we do regular yoga and meditation practices, and I am also a certified teacher so that I can teach everyone how to do meditation so; yes, that is my plan for the future that I want to teach more and more people meditation you know meditation is an Indian science that is increasingly popular amongst the globe across the globe now these days we’re just we are doing some latest kind of exercise.

Still, yoga and meditation are over roots, so I want to spread this knowledge as much as possible to spread this knowledge, of course. I have to put my efforts because you know to convince someone to do this kind of workshop is really tough because last year, when we were having a lockdown, I took 2 or 3 courses of meditation and breath workshop. Still, it was difficult to take this kind of workshops you know people don’t really trust you easily that you are talking in a correct way or your logic is suitable or whether whatever you are telling is truth or not they always kind of doubt you so yes that is my future plan.

I know it would be not easy. Still, to help employees and youngsters to get rid of stress and anxiety, what goal is and I’ll try to bring more and more people to this path so they can also experience themselves by doing meditation when I was 13 I have myself did this yoga and meditation course. Since then, I’m having this dream to spread this knowledge to everyone who is near and dear ones, and also that what is the significance of meditation, so yes, that’s the plan for me apart from my work which I am currently doing.

Follow-Ups For Describe a Plan (Not Related to Work or Study) You Have for the Future

Question 1:- Do you think people need to have a day-to-day plan?

Undoubtedly yes, because if you are not planning for a day, then you are just scrolling in your mobile or doing some stuff which is irrelevant to your progress in work or the study, so yes, it’s essential to do date to date planning that will help you each day to progress a bit it’s not like that you you don’t need to have a leisure time in a day. Still, it would be beneficial if we plan it and spend our day accordingly.

Question 2:- Do you think people can still do their tasks if they don’t plan them?

without planning, if you are doing any task, then it makes it so difficult to achieve the goal because you do not know which all obstacles or vital situation you will be in without proper planning of a task with planning, you are already aware that what situation you are going to pay in so it will help you to pre-plan for each and everything yes there could be a situation where you meet with certain uncertainties, but yes you have the courage, or if you have faith in your plan then it surely helps you, and without planning it’s not possible I guess so yes without planning we can surely achieve our task, but it would be quite difficult

Question 3:- Do you think planning is important, or is it a waste of time?

Absolutely I think planning is the most important thing to do before starting any work. I can say that with an example because while working in the company, we are always planning for a day. We are also dividing the task into an early base so that we can conclude at the end of the day that what all tasks we have completed and what is lacking in our schedule, so yes, planning is the most critical and crucial thing to do. It’s not at all a waste of time, in my view.

Question 4:- What kinds of personal plans should people make for themselves?

Most people do not know before sleeping that at what time they will wake up; they take it for granted that someone will wake them up or some friend will call them, so your plan of the next day should start before that day comes means that it should be done at night, so first of all, people should keep an alarm which can wake them up if you’re waking up at 6:00 AM or let us say you are targeting 7:00 AM so wake up at 7:00 AM it would be difficult in the initial state but as soon as you start implementing that in the schedule it will really help you to achieve your task before because it is truly said that if you wake up at your targeted time, then you are sure to meet your targets for the day whether it is work-related or study.

Question 5:- For a person with children, what influence does this have on their personal plans for the future?

I’m not quite experienced with this since I don’t have any child but yes I can answer this with some references that I’ve been seeing throughout my life that my sister has one child and when she’s planning a short trip also has to think about my niece school or his studies he has to put him first before planning anything, so yes children make the planning more difficult for us to do because they have their own world where they need to study they need to go to school they need to give exam also so yes child influences says our work planning.

Question 6:- Do you think it is possible to learn how to manage your time?

I believe that nothing is impossible so yes it’s possible to manage our own time. If we are managing the time and it’s not the other way around, then we would be in a perfect situation concerning our targets, and we will be able to achieve over dreams very easily, which is rare these days.

Question 7:- Why do you think some people don’t plan their day in advance?

There can be many reasons behind not planning your day. Firstly people who are not clear with their goals don’t bother to plan their day. Secondly, if you know children have their locations where there totally away from the studies they generally don’t plan their day, so I think it is essential to have a goal in your life so that it it will make you plan your day because if you don’t follow a strict schedule, it won’t allow you to achieve that goal.

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