describe an important rule in your school.

describe an important rule in your school.

what was it?

how did others think about this rule?

had you violated this rule ever?

school is a temple of imparts not only knowledge but helps in the all-round development of personality of a life has a great role to play in the life of every student.I remember my school days.whether I miss my school days very much but there were some rules which every student have to follow.but today I am going to talk about a rule which was very important for was the rule to wear the complete uniform every day.

the school made this rule to create a sense of equality among all the also added to the personality of a student.every student wore the uniform and those who had violated this rule had been punished by the school authorities.this rule was good but I think there would have been some days to wear casual dress.some boys belong to rich families mostly violated this rule and they had punished many times.they did not like to wear school uniform all the days.they thought of themselves to be superior to others.

I violated this rule two to three times in a year but did not was the time of rainy season.there was water all around on the day when I was going to school on the road, a car passed by my side and throws mud on my clothes.I immediately came back to school and changed my that day teacher punished me for this.moreover, once when my parents were not at home and due to some reason they were unable to come back dress was not washed and I have to go to school by wearing casual that day I told the teacher about my problem in advance and fortunately, he understood it.


Q-1: what is the significance of school uniform in schools?

Ans: school uniform has a great significance for students in schools.first and foremost reason is it creates a sense of equality among children of all classes.secondly, it develops a feeling of discipline among the students.

Q-2: should students be punished for violating rules in schools?

Ans: for violating a rule for the first time, a verbal warning should be given to a student before punished him.but if a student violates the rule again and again after giving him warnings, one should definitely be punished.

Q-3: what do you think about the rule against ragging in schools?

Ans: ragging is a black spot on the reputation of any school.because it can be seen that sometimes seniors go beyond their limit in ragging and they forget about the emotions of the students.some students who do not tolerate ragging them commit there should be a hard and fast rule against ragging in schools.


Gagandeep Singh Kahlon

M.A.(English)B.Ed., PGDCA.

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describe an important rule in your school.

describe an important rule in your school. describe an important rule in your school. describe an important rule in your school. describe an important rule in your school.


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