Describe an Occasion When You Forgot Something Important.

Describe an occasion when you forgot something important.

You should say: 

  • what you forgot
  • how important it was
  • why you possibly forgot it

and explain what you did when you remembered it.

Sample Answer of Describe an occasion when you forgot something important.

I forget things easily especially under stressful situations or in hurry. On this occasion, I’d like to talk about an incident when I left my ID at home on the day of my final Chemistry exam in the second year of my bachelor’s.

Showing a photo ID to the examiner was the only way to enter the examination hall. Not having it directly means not being allowed to sit in the exam. Moreover, it was our finals so not being able to take the exam would fail that subject. It’s obviously crucial for me as my whole degree and future were dependent on this.

I am well aware of my weak memory therefore to avoid any hustle I always keep a checklist before heading out from home. However, on that day I changed my bag and left my ID in the previous bag I was using. I only realized not having my ID after reaching the center.

The reason being not checking my bag was that our exam was preponed by two days. As I wasn’t prepared well and having anxiety about that. At the same time, my friend called to discuss some important and expected questions. Due to all of this, I forgot my ID.

It was a horrible experience, I almost believed that my hard work for the entire year has been gone. However, I was lucky and the examiner understood my situation and allowed me to sit in the exam. In the meantime, my father brought my ID. I hope nobody should experience anything like this.

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