Describe Someone You Know Who Recently Moved to New Accommodation.

Describe Someone You Know Who Recently Moved to New Accommodation.

  • When and Where This Person Moved?
  • Why Did He Move to A New Accommodation?
  • How This Person Felt About Moving to A New House?

It depends on various circumstances that sometimes people have to move to new accommodations. Some people move from villages to cities for better facilities or for the higher education of their children, but some move from one accommodation to another within the same city.

Today, I am going to talk about my uncle who has moved from a village to a city. His name is B.S. Kahlon, and he works as an E.T.O. in the excise department.

He had been living in a village for a long time, and everything was going well until last year. This year, he wanted to admit his children to a reputed school but could not find any that fulfilled his expectations.

Once, when he visited our house, he told me about his problem. So, I suggested why not shift to Moga city because there are a large number of CBSE and ICSE schools. He decided to move to Moga city.

He asked me to look for a new accommodation that he wanted to buy. One day, my friend told me about a beautiful house for sale in the Dashmesh Nagar area.

I saw the house, and it was indeed very beautiful. The important thing was it was near the bus stand and the market. There was a big garden in front of the house. The owner told me that he had built this house just two years ago but now he got the PR visa for Canada and was going abroad.

So, I immediately told my uncle about this. He came here with the whole family, and after seeing the house, he at once gave some advance to the owner. After a few days, my uncle bought the house and felt very happy about this good deal.

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Q-1: What type of accommodation do you like?

Ans: I like an accommodation that should be neither too big nor too small. It should be of reasonable size because a too big house is difficult to manage, and a small house is not appropriate for a big family. It should be in a peaceful area that is free from air and noise pollution.

Q-2: Do you have any dream house?

Ans: Yes, definitely I have a dream house. It should be in a hilly area where the weather is very cool. It should have all the facilities, a lawn, a garage, a balcony, ventilated rooms, a swimming pool, nice interior, and Italian-style furniture.

Q-3: Are you planning to build your dream house?

Ans: Yes, of course, I am planning to build my dream house. For this, I started saving money every month. I am saving money every month from my earnings. With God’s grace, when I collect the required money, I will definitely start building my dream house.

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