Describe Your Favorite Animal

Describe your favorite animal.  You Should Say:

  • what kind of animal it is
  • describe it briefly
  • why you like this animal
  • and describe why it is your favorite animal.

honestly, I’m not a person who likes animals so much, but yes, I like dogs because when I was a child, I used to visit my grandparents in the village, and they used to have one dog in their house we used to play with the dog he was a male dog so his name was Tommy and we used to play with Tommy, and that’s how my inclination towards dogs increased though I am not very much interested in animals as I told you earlier

so dog as we all know is very it is very common animal amongst human kind why I like the dog it is because its quality like honesty or loyalty he’s very honest to his owner and he always try to protect his owner or the belongings of his owner in every way I remember one instance with Tommy that once thief unfortunately visited my grandparents and Fortunately Tommy was able to recognise that something fishy is going on in their in the house and as soon as he barked on them and the thieves ranaway without disturbing anything in the house so yes they’re not only the friend of you human but they also do good things for the society Moreover they also they are also a very good friend of children I remember when I was very small our neighbor back in my hometown were having a small puppy and he used to take care of you know my little things when my mother was not around so he was so much carrying and this quality makes him good amongst other animals in future I would also love to have one dog In future I used to imagine when I was a child that I will have a family 2 children my wife and along with that one small puppy will be there so yes I would love to have a puppy in future yes that’s all about my favorite animal

Follow-up Questions: Describe Your Favorite Animal

Question 1:- What do you need to do to take care of it?

Yes, when we are nurturing the dog, we have to take care of many things about; we have to take care of food then natures call of a dog then we also should take care if he’s not troubling someone like his barking too much, so maybe our neighbors can be irritated by that, so we have to take care of many things.

Question 2:- What’s the future trend of the animal?

Talking about future animal trends in his play, I don’t think the trend has changed so far. Still, yes, there is one difference that I’m noticing these days is people love to have a cat as well with the IT was not common in my country that people have the cat along with a dog because you know it it is challenging to handle both of them. Still, yes nowadays they also have a cat along with a dog, so I think a trend will go like this only maybe more breeds people would prefer for dogs and cats because there are lots of overseas breeds are being introduced to India so yes the trend change is going to be there.

Question 3:- How do you think of the poaching of some precious animals such as pandas?

Animals are inevitable members of our society, so I strongly condemn this kind of activity of killing some precious animals. I think the government should punish these people because it is not is an inhuman activity

Question 4:- What should we do to protect endangered animals?

The government is already taking major steps to protect these animals like the government is building century’s it is also taking care well in the shoes of this species which are in the edge of extinction and yes, there should be more centuries for such species people should not be allowed to this centuries apart from them once you are taking care of those in this way we would be able to protect the species who are on the edge of extinction.

Question 5:- Do you support doing experiments on animals?

No, undoubtedly I don’t support the experiments being done on innocent animals do I support some of the experiments which are being done to find a vaccination call to find a medicine for a disease so that can be limited to that experiments only, but people who are killing animals for various unrequired purposes should not be allowed to do that

Question 6:- Why do some people refuse to eat animals?

Well, there can be multiple reasons why some people denied to eat animals in my country in India there are lots of people who believe in eating only vegetarian food because their religion does not allow them to eat meat and Moreover a revolution has come in my country that many of the nonvegetarians Because there are lots of disadvantages of eating meat so yes they prefer not to eat nonveg because it can create a lot of problems including stress and anxiety.

Question 7:- What would happen when some species disappear on earth?

Well, if an animal disappears from the earth, first of all, it is very sad for humankind that they did some series of actions due to which these species were not able to continue their breathing; now, if such things happen, then the entire life cycle on the earth may be affected’s take an example if animal one is being consumed by animal 2 but let us assume that animal one no longer exists on the earth now the food for the animal to is nowhere so he would the animal to will also die in some time it will also disappear from the earth that’s how entire life cycle on the earth can be affected when a small animal also disappears from the earth, so it is essential to nurture the environment and take care of the surroundings.

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