It Is More Important for School Children to Learn Local History than World History

It is more important for school children to learn local history than world history. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

History is the witness of the times and acts as a torch for the present and the future. It is very History is the witness of the times, and acts as a torch for the present and the future. It is very important to study history, whether it is local or world history. However, I agree that priority should be given to local history.

There are profound advantages of teaching local history to the students. The study of local history provides the student with increased interest in the larger subject of history. This information is relevant to the student’s own surroundings. Once they study their local history, they would be even more enthusiastic to learn world history and compare it with their own. Therefore, the syllabus of today’s schools should include local history, and teach it before going on to teach world history.

Secondly, the knowledge of local history may encourage preservation. As it is, today we are living in a global village, where social and geographical mobility is more than ever in the past. As people move away, all the roots, which bind them to their local area, are forgotten. The people tend to tear away the familiar buildings and the local communities. If they study local history, they might wish to preserve the local areas. It would make them aware of their own links to their past.

On the other hand, the study of world history cannot be undermined in today’s era of globalization. World history helps prepare young people for college studies, international experience, and active participation in civic life. It helps get them to become global citizens, who know and care about world issues and problems. World history is a shared knowledge that citizens, whatever their country, need, to function on our planet in the twenty-first century.

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To sum up, it can be reiterated that the study of history is important in toto, but local history must be taught before teaching the history of the world.

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