Recent studies have shown that overweight people tend to eat ‘junk foods’

Recent studies have shown that overweight people tend to eat ‘junk foods’ that are high in unhealthy fats. Some people argue that an increase in the price of such foods will serve as a deterrent and thus reduce the number of overweight people. Do you agree or disagree?  IELTS result

Sample Answer of Recent Studies Have Shown That Overweight People Tend to Eat ‘junk Foods


It is a well-known fact that the girth/hugeness/ fattiness of people the world over is increasing at a(n) capital/alarming/presidential pace. Among the suggestions on how to tackle this problem is the proposition that the price of junk food should be increased. It is felt that this is a plausible/possible/truthful deterrent to fast food consumption. Support for this opinion will be shown by looking at how this solution
would lead people to other ingestion/culinary/eating alternatives and encourage them to eat fast food less frequently. For one, increasing the price of fast food would push people towards healthier options.

Body Paragraph 1

For example, when I was in university, a vegan restaurant opened on campus that provided dishes free of charge in an effort to raise awareness of vegan food. As a college kid without much money, I found the price of these dishes very attractive and became royal/virtual/loyal patron of this establishment. Thus, as my experience shows, consumers are callous/sensitive/prone to price and can be
encouraged to eat healthier as a result. In addition to this, raising the price of unhealthy food would likely encourage people to buy it less frequently. To illustrate, as a teenager I had a succinct/ brief/reduced stint working at McDonald’s.


During my employment, a month-long promotion was held making Big Mac hamburgers available at half price. As Big Macs are quite high in unhealthy fats, I was shocked to see people ea ng them some mes as many as 3 times a day. As this practice discontinued after the Big Mac prices returned to normal, my experience makes it clear that the frequency with which people eat fast food moves in correlation with cost. Thus, increasing the price of fast food is a practice that should be supported in an effort to curb obesity. As the above shows, price could be a(n) effective/ probably/torpid way to discourage fast food ingestion and weight gain.

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