Most People Today Communicate Using Mobile Phones and Computers: Writing Task 2

Most people today communicate using mobile phones and computers, and this has affected their need to meet face-to-face. Do the advantages of this development outweigh its disadvantages? Give reasons for your answer and include relevant examples from your knowledge or experience.

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, the newer generation seems to use a vast proportion of digital communication methods in their day to day lives. A chunk of a society opines that this trend should be welcomed as it is beneficial to all of us. However, others are hesitant about it. The following paragraph will elucidate both sides before giving my personal standpoint.

To commence with the advantageous point of view of communicating by mobile phones and computers, there are multifarious reasons are responsible. First and foremost, individuals can save lots of their golden time by making phone calls despite travelling to another location. Now a day, people find too much traffic on the streets and roads, so that would be convenient to make a video or audio call in the urban areas. For instance, there are a number of online education classes we can find working by the mean of online podiums and running very well.

On the flip side of the coin, people find the above notion unsupportive. They have some arguments to justify their viewpoint. They say that practical interaction would be loosed as people would avoid meetings face to face. Moreover, gadgets used to communicate are very expensive in the cost, so folks have to spend a higher portion of the money to purchase them. Therefore, they have to compromise with other necessary items.

To conclude, by keeping all the above points in mind, I would like to infer that here advantages are much higher than disadvantages as time is more important in this era and a higher portion of the population would vote in favour of digital communication.

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