Some People Think that All Teenagers Should Be Required to Do Unpaid Work in Their Free Time

Some People Think That All Teenagers Should Be Required to Do Unpaid Work in Their Free Time to Help the Local Community. They Believe This Would Benefit Both the Individual Teenager and Society as A Whole. Do You Agree or Disagree?

It is said that experience is the best teacher. Although, there is a view that many people think that all youngsters should do some work or jobs in their spare time to help any community without getting paid for that work. At the same time, they reckon that this activity would be beneficial for both teenagers and society. I think in a seminar and support a given view. My explanation is justified in further paragraphs.

To begin with, out of all the reasons to support my point, the foremost one is others get knowledge about that field. This is because if any teen is going to do any type of work, then they spend most of their time at work. In this, they gain knowledge of how to sell or purchase anything, how the product or things usually came from or from whom it is manufactured. Knowledge and skills development and they gain more information about particular things. For instance, if a young people join a jewellery shop, then he or she comes to know about the daily prices of gold, silver, and platinum. They also know how to make jewellery from these materials and many more things they learn about.

Moreover, many shop owners need help from others, but they all require educated people to read and write accounts or lists of the business. But they may be unable to pay their salary, so unpaid youngsters help them in this situation. This would be like, killing two birds with a single stone. This means that teenagers also know the value of money and honours, do not have to pay for their work, and get the service for free. Thus it is important to get experience in your free time.

To conclude, it can be finally said that this would be a good idea to keep youngers busy and get knowledge about something and the value of any work and money. Besides this, it is also helpful to society because they are getting some unpaid workers for some time, which is beneficial for their business.

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