Describe an Incident Where Someone Apologized to You.

Describe an incident where someone apologized to you. You should say:
– Who was it?
– When was it?
– What did the person say?
– Why was this incident memorable to you?

Sample Answer of Describe an Incident Where Someone Apologised to You.

The world‘s toughest job is to accept an individual’s fault and apologize to a person. I can remember here one of the incidents that flabbergasted me. Last week I and my boss went for a meeting to the client’s company, where I was just sharing information and explain the features of our products.

Unfortunately, my boss didn’t understand the actual requirement and features where I was explaining and sharing the same information which required but my sir went crazy and stopped me to explain all the things as he misunderstood me, then he realized all sudden and sorry for scrutinizing act. That might be a game-changer thing for me as I was believing that I would get a promotion for my smartness but that didn’t happen.

Describe the advice you received on your subjects or work

We all laughed by the end of the period. However, it is really demanding thing for people to sorry which people unlikely to speak.

Follow up question:  Do people in your country apologize often?

Part 3 (Discussion)

– What kind of apology means more to you: words or actions?

This might be a small word and people should accept it as a normal thing rather than taking it emotionally.

– Why are people selfish?

Individuals are mean as they only believing to do things for their selves rather than others, however, more greed and power of position force them to become evil-minded.

– Should we be more considerate?

We should be as in this mean and nasty world, people should be more selfless and caring towards each other.

– What teaches us to be considerate?

It teaches us to Act with responsiveness, wiseness, and caringly to the whole community. Behaving with good manners always sets the best example for the next generation as well so people should follow that path.

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