Talk About A Friend Whose Talks You Find Interesting

Talk About A Friend Whose Talks You Find Interesting

  • Who do you speak with?
  • Where were you?
  • What was the conversation about?
  • And explain why you think it was interesting.

Sample Answer of Talk About A Friend Whose Talks You Find Interesting

Many times, we find particular people fascinating to talk to. They help us to release tension and relax when we are depressed, and they tend to be very important in our lives.

I remember a friend called John, with whom I’ve been friends for many years. We get to spend time together, and mainly when we meet, we discuss events we had together. It is intriguing as we discuss the past moments we’ve spent together.

I remember one day we went to the beach for relaxation. We had a lot of fun and interacted with so many people. This makes me happy, and I forget my worries when I remember these days.

Part 3 Questions Talk About A Friend Whose Talks You Find Interesting

Question 1:- How do friends communicate with each other?

Answer: Friends either communicate with each other through social media platforms such as Whatsapp or Instagram. Also, they can speak face-to-face if they’re close to each other.

Question 2:- What’s the difference between having a conversation with a man and having a conversation with a woman?

Answer: Ladies, I would like to talk more about romantic issues, while most guys love to talk more about how to be successful in life.

Question 3:- Do you think women like to chat more than me?

Answer: Yes, women love to talk more compared to men.

Question 4:- When men chat with other men, do they usually talk about the same things women do when chatting with other women?

Answer: Yes, men and women alike discuss similar topics. For example, women love to talk about guys when they meet, whiles guys also love to talk about women during a discussion.

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