Talk About a Person You Like Very Much.

Talk about a person you like very much. You should say

– What is the name of the person?
– When did you meet for the first time?
– What do you do together?
– Why do you like him/her?

Follow up questions:

– Are you happy when you are with him/her?
– Does he/she feel the same way about you?

Sample Answer of Talk about a person you like very much.

In my surrounding, there are a plethora of individuals to them I know and I like everybody but today I would like to talk about one person who is very close to heart and I can’t imagine my life without that person the name of that person is Harman she is my best friend and she is like my elder sister as I am 18 and she is 20 years old she is very attractive I always call her my sister because she behaves like a sister and she helps me a lot in everything whenever I just need her help in my studies.

I just go to her home as her home is too far from my house so whenever I meet her we do a lot of activities like we play some outdoor or indoor activities and then we do competitions as we play basketball and badminton sometimes whenever we play basketball I always lose the game because she knows some techniques to play. After all, she is a national player in basketball. And first time meet her in my school as I remembered the time when I meet her she came new to school and she was not knowing about her class and then I told and helped her and from there, we both became very good friends. I like her because she is a very honest person that I have never met and she is so straightforward and so that why I like her personality.

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Yes, I m happy with her whenever I m with her because she is so energetic and so honest and whenever I am with her teaches and tell me a lot of things sometimes she teaches me English because I am so weak in English and however she tells me how to play so I like to be with her.


Yes, she feels the same about me as I feel about her she praises me a lot in front of my parents. She always says to me that you are like my Little sister and which means a lot to me.


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