Talk About Any Childhood Activity that You Used to Do After Your School Hours

Talk about any childhood activity that you used to do after your school

  • What it was?
  • How long you did that?
  • How often you did do this?
  • and explain why you no longer do it.  

Childhood memories are the best memories that everyone has in their life. Everyone has several memories that they remember and feel happy about.

Due to these memories, everyone wants their childhood back in their life. I also have so many memories of childhood, but I would like to share one of my favourite activities that I often did after coming back home from school.

Whenever I came back home from school, I played video games daily 🎮. Playing video games was my hobby, which I mostly did during my leisure time in childhood.

There were a number of games that I played back in those days, like Mario, Contra, Bomberman, Pac-Man, etc. I played for approximately 2 hours daily. It helped me a lot to get rid of the burden of study and any type of anger 😌.

Because of these video games, so many children became my friends with whom I studied and then played video games daily. With those children, I studied too and got higher marks 📚🏆.

Nowadays, I still have my video game at home, but today I have not played for many years because after getting admission to secondary education, my studies have become tougher, and I usually don’t have any time left to play video games.

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But when I go back home from my PG, I often play my video game as it helps me to refresh my childhood memories 💭🕹️.

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