You Relocated to a New Country for Work.

You relocated to a new country for work. Write to your previous co-worker.

In your letter:

– Tell him/her where you live in the new country
– Describe how you feel
– Explain what you are doing at work
– Invite him/her for a visit.

 Sample Answer of You Relocated to a New Country for Work.

Dear John,

How are you? It’s taken me so long to write to you; however, I spared time from my busy schedule to inform you that I have recently shifted to Canada to make both ends meet.

You will be glad to know that I have achieved my niche in the beautiful place of Toronto. A couple of days ago, I abruptly received my work visa and I immediately planned to move. Busy life and ample work opportunities enticed me to move there.

My happiness knew no bounds after receiving a job offer letter. Do you remember how much struggle I went through to get this opportunity? Eventually, I have been rewarded with lucrative offers with ideal accommodation. I don’t hesitate to tell you about my job as I’ve been assigned the job of a marketing executive. I make phone calls and now and then I visit one city to another city to advertise the electronic products of my company. I’d like to invite you to my place as Christmas is coming and I’d have plenty of time to spend with you. So you are cordially invited and please do visit.

Eagerly waiting to catch up again with you.

Yours Loving,


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