Information About Student Enrolments at Manchester University

The table below gives information about student enrolments at Manchester University in 1937, 1967, and 2017.

The Table Below Gives Information About Student Enrollments at Manchester University.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Sample Answer of Information About Student Enrollments at Manchester University.


The table illustrates the data of Manchester University about the pupil’s admissions in the year 1937, 1967, and 2017.

In the year 1937, there were 327 new students enrolled, but after three decades it took a sharp rise and reached 1133, and later in the year 2017 it took a rapid increase and reached 6254. However there was a difference in percentage for both gender such as for females it was 45%, 35%, and 55% and for the male, it was 55% 65% and 45 % for the year 1937, 1967 and 2017 respectively.

Furthermore, in the year 1937 pupils came from within 40 miles of Manchester were 55%, although in the year 1967 it got sharp declined and reached to 15% however after 50 years from then it was reached his minimum nearly 1-2 % only. On the other hand, International students in 1937 were 6 % and they and from 4 countries which later reached to 26 countries in 1967 but percentage did not affect much(i.e. 7%) however, in the year 2017 it got sharp increase and reached to 32 % with 102 countries.

Overall, in the year 2017 Manchester University took more admission out of this majority was overseas students.

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