Some People Believe That Teaching Children at Home

Some people believe that teaching children at home is best for a child’s development, while others think that it is important for children to go to school. Discuss the advantages of both methods and give your own opinion.

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From homeschooling statistics, it’s clear that homeschooling is becoming a more accepted method of From homeschooling statistics, it’s clear that homeschooling is becoming a more accepted method of education. However, some people still believe that nothing can be better for children than actually going to school. This essay intends to explore the benefits of both approaches. I, personally, side with the latter view.

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The most important benefit of home schooling is individual teacher’s attention. When home schooled, the child has the undivided attention of the teacher. Moreover, lesson plans can be tailored according to the ability of the child. In traditional school environments, classmates often learn at very different speeds. This helps slower learners stay on track with the class, but often leaves bright children bored and distracted. Homeschooling also helps parents incorporate subjects that might not be included in the local school’s curriculum, such as foreign language.

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Perhaps, one of the best arguments in favour of homeschooling is the guarantee of the child’s safety. Bullying, fights and other school violence become a non-issue when the child is educated from home. What is more, sleep is vital to the emotional and physical well-being of kids, especially teens and preteens. As home schooled children can accomplish in a few hours what takes a typical classroom a week or more to cover, they get more time for their much-needed sleep.

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On the other hand, keeping the child out of a traditional school environment greatly inhibits his/her access to other children. Learning to make friends and exist within a group are important life lessons that children could miss out on through homeschooling. Home schooled children may be less inclined to share, demand personal attention by acting out, or become socially awkward and anxious.

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Additionally, school life is filled with plenty of exciting opportunities for children. These extracurricular activities can help children better adjust in society. While these cultural and other opportunities can be provided while homeschooling the child, these are not the same as the child would experience in a group of his or her peers.

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Finally, home schooled children are generally not provided with competitive opportunities. Traditional schooling events such as team sports and spelling bees encourage the child to do his very best. These things give children something to strive for, and to uncover natural aptitudes that might go untapped in home schooled environments.


To sum up, even though homeschooling has its merits, nothing can be better than sending the child to a traditional school.

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